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There’s too much that needs to be considered for a software platform to become a success. Our experience with technology and software design allows us to make effective and on-point decisions.


We're not afraid to ask the tough questions, dig deep and test it out.​ That creates a brilliant foundation for a good strategy.


Winning is only possible with strategy.​ Creating a platform is a massive task, but delivering value is what counts.


When your platform is appropriately architected, it feels like magic how new features work effortlessly.​


Creating the software isn't a child's play--it takes a lot of knowledge and dedication.​ That's our thing.


Sometimes features drift away from the project's vision.​ We are here to look at the big picture and outline the details.


There's no finished product that happened by coincidence.​ Every step is part of a process that enables the final result.

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Trifon Trifonov
Trifon TrifonovCTO and Co-COO, Astea Solutions
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IT Specials Ltd. has proven to be one of our most trustworthy and reliable partners. I was impressed with how they developed a custom onboarding process specifically tailored to our needs, which proved very efficient. Each of their engineers was recognized as a valuable contributor by our teams to which they were assigned. Their work ethic is exceptional, and the integration with our developers was smooth and seamless. We eagerly look forward to our next collaboration with IT Specials!

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Technology is our thing, but we are not limited to it. We work to make every step of the process efficient.

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We are not an outsourcing company. We are a long-term partner to our clients that strategically helps grow our partner’s business. Your success is our success.

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We categorize ourselves as a long-term strategic partner to our clients. We don’t like the “outsourcing” term because it implies working on a specific piece without understanding the vision, making the contribution less meaningful. We want to contribute significantly to our partners.

Multiple factors are relevant to how valuable we can be as a partner. One is our expertise in top-notch technology like Kubernetes, Java, and .NET, to name a few. Another is that we base everything on trust. We aim at transparency, and we are straightforward to the mutual goal.

We have over 30 years of cumulative experience. We’ve worked on: stand-alone applications, web services, websites, mobile applications, responsive single-page web applications, microservices, SaaS solutions, etc.

We had first-hand experience with various challenges during that time, and we created solutions that proved to be resilient and stable.

We are a technology company, but our heaviest investment is not in technology. We invest in people. Our core values are aligned in a way that allows us to work with our people towards their wellbeing, safety, and personal development.

Our team is what enables your success.

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