Software Engineer - Ruby

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  • Work on projects with clients;
  • Process information from calls and specification documents;
  • Ensure that you understand the tasks at hand;
  • Keep a friendly attitude in the communication with your colleagues;
  • Take an active part in all project stages. Depending on specific project requirements, these stages could be: analysis, estimation, design, documentation, writing code, testing, resolving issues, and support;
  • Discuss tasks with your colleagues and validate code quality;
  • Further develop your expertise and continue learning.


  • Developing software for more than a year;
  • Understanding of how MVC (Model/View/Controller) works;
  • Able to express a view of the project’s architecture;
  • Willing to break large tasks into small pieces that are suitable for solving;
  • Experience with Ruby’s ActiveRecord, Concern, Routing, Before filter, Scope, Byebug or Binding.pry;
  • Experience with relational databases (MySQL,┬áMS SQL, Oracle, or something else);
  • Experience with OOP;
  • Knowledge of Design Patterns;
  • Knowledge of Multithreaded Programming;
  • Knowledge of┬áDocker;
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes;
  • Experience with source control (Git is preferred);
  • Working comfortably in Agile and Scrum;
  • Willing to solve complex problems in a simple way;
  • Good English (reading, writing, and speaking);
  • Be a team player and care for your colleagues;
  • Willing to invest in your future.

Skills considered as an advantage

  • Knowledge of React (Components, Redux);
  • Knowledge of Distributed Systems;
  • Knowledge of Unix and Linux systems;
  • Experience with messaging queues (RabbitMQ or something else);
  • Experience with NoSQL databases (MongoDB or something else);
  • Experience with columnar databases (Vertica or something else);
  • Experience with distributed caching systems (Redis, Memcache, or something else).


  • We care for people and are willing to invest in their well-being;
  • We are open and want to improve;
  • We support the certification of our teammates;
  • Friendly work environment;
  • Flexible working time;
  • Brand new office in a perfect location.
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. All applications will be treated with strict confidentiality and according to the law.

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